Saturday, 30 September 2017

2 Years without a Thyroid, 2 Months as a Mother

My days have been so filled with milestones lately that I have once again been found slacking in the writing department. September 2017 has not only included my birthday, both my grandparents' birthdays, and their 61st wedding anniversary (now that's real 'goals'), but also marked 2 months of motherhood, and 2 years of being butterfly- (and thyroid cancer-) free.

September has always been a special month to me, of course with it being my birth month, as well as its significance for my grandparents. It's also traditionally the start of the new school year, and as education shapes most of our lives for at least 14 years, it leaves a mental imprint as being a time of starting afresh and planning ahead. Although the Gregorian calendar sets the New Year as 1st January, this year the Islamic (Hijri) New Year also fell in September - on my birthday, funnily enough - and Eid al Adha was celebrated at the start of the month too.

Truth be told, though, the 30 days of this September have somewhat merged into one; such is the effect of having a small baby. I'm someone who usually keeps a diary - yes, a handwritten one! - not for the purposes of journaling, but for keeping track of appointments, significant dates, and making plans. I think the last time my diary was opened must've been the day before I gave birth back in July, to scribble the note: 'Waters broke!' and since that day it has been sitting, neglected, at the bottom of my handbag, along with the ballpoint pen that accompanies it.

I can't help but be astonished at how far I've come over the past three Septembers. In September 2015, I was going under the knife to remove my thyroid and dealing with the shock of being diagnosed. September 2016 saw me resign from my job, move house, and prepare to get married at the very start of October. And now, on the last day of September 2017, I sit here to write this as a healthy, happy, married mother.

So I suppose I write this reflection as a story of hope for anyone who has stumbled across this page in the midst of being diagnosed. You will get better. Life will get better. Your struggles will make you stronger. The hardships you are about to overcome will make you appreciate the happiness that lies ahead for you even more. Don't forget, it's always darkest before the dawn.

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