Sunday, 2 July 2017

36 Weeks, with Writer's Block

Once again I have been horribly lax with my writing, and some very lovely ladies have sent me messages of care and concern since my last post, so I just wanted to give a brief update as we enter July; our due month!

I am now 36 weeks pregnant, and with it I am suffering from Writer's Block. Since my last post I haven't had a single flash of inspiration; not one idea that made me think, "Yes! I want to write about that." I've just been plodding along, day by day, trying to distract myself from the fact that my beloved husband is such a long way away, and preparing the practical things for our little one's impending arrival.

My maternity care since arriving in the UK and booking in at the Kensington Wing of Chelsea & Westminster Hospital has been fabulous so far; I adore my midwife, and my 'link' consultant - the famous Miss Gubby Ayida - is truly deserving of her prestigious reputation. I feel in excellent hands. Baby is growing well; he's been head-down since 32 weeks and ready to make his emergence into the world. I - thankfully - don't have any complications and have been signed off for a natural, midwife-led delivery, and my TSH level is nicely in check at 2.02 since last doubling my dosage.

I've only had one mild episode of Braxton Hicks contractions so far, before my husband had to suddenly fly off, and nothing since. I have, however, lost a bit of my plug in recent days, which suggests things are moving in the right direction and my body is gearing up for delivery in the coming weeks.

My mother has been a great source of support during a time when I have been emotionally tested and feeling vulnerable, and I am very fortunate to be staying with her. She can see the anguish it has caused me to have my husband unexpectedly whisked away at such a crucial time to answer the call of duty, and whilst she is always there to offer a sympathetic ear, most of the time I have preferred to process the situation alone.

Instead we have been busying ourselves with getting all the baby stuff ready - finally I've ticked 99% of the items on my Baby Shopping List off! Harrods was the supplier of the Sleepyhead Deluxe sleeping pod and the Mima Xari seat kit and starter pack, Peter Jones provided many a muslin cloth, baby bath, cellular blankets and the suchlike, whilst I online-ordered a fantastic Moses Basket with a rocking stand from a company called Shnuggle, which I felt a great sense of satisfaction in putting together by myself. Sleep suits, babygrows, romper suits and other newborn wardrobe essentials have come from a combination of Peter Jones, Petit Bateau, My 1st Years, and M&Co, and all those delightful baby-related toiletries (nappies, Metanium nappy rash cream, Lanisoh nipple cream etc.) have been sourced from Boots. I purchased nursing bras and comfy, dark nightwear and a dressing gown from Marks & Spencer to prepare for my hospital stay.

The midwife has now asked to see me every 7 days from the 36-week stage onwards, and I've been offered the delight of a sweep from as early as 38 weeks if I so wish, to try and bring on labour. Generally 3 sweeps should be conducted before an actual induction of labour is necessary, and my induction - if it gets to that stage - would be bang on my due date of 40 weeks. Some ladies aren't even offered a sweep until then, but in my case I understand that things are being planned a bit earlier because a) baby is already of a healthy size and weight to come on out, and more importantly b) because the chances of developing pre-eclampsia from 40 weeks onwards is considerably higher in someone with an underlying thyroid condition. Although mine is nicely under control, I suppose they would rather not take any risks by letting me go overdue.

I'm hoping and praying for an early delivery, not least because my husband would be in his military no-contact lockdown from 1st August, so our little man really needs to pop out by his due date of 29th July at the very latest. I'm not at the 'I just want to get this baby out of me!' stage yet, and I don't know if I ever will be, because I'm still carrying relatively small and luckily not suffering from any aches or pains. But what I certainly am is excited, and desperate to meet our tiny human. And I'm desperate for my husband to be with us to meet him too.

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