Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Benefits of a Babymoon

The obligatory 'babymoon bump' shot!
As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, my husband and I were recently lucky enough to get 5 days off amidst his busy schedule, which we used to travel for a dream getaway to Furaveri Island Resort & Spa in the Maldives.
I suppose we can call it our 'babymoon', as it will most likely be the last chance we get to have an actual holiday together before the little one arrives and turns our world upside down. Babymooning seems to be all the rage these days - though I must admit it wasn't a term I was familiar with until very recently - and I would highly recommend heading off on one to any parents-to-be, if you get the chance. Here are just some of the reasons why it's so worth it...

Spending quality time together as a couple

Now, my husband and I are lucky in that we spend plenty of quality time together most days, but the chances to actually travel together are few and far between. There's nothing like exploring and discovering a new place with the one you love, particularly if you choose a romantic destination for your babymoon - for instance, a paradise island in the Maldives, like we did. With a baby on the way, we realise that our priorities will be changing in the coming months as much of our time will be taken up with raising this tiny human we've created together, so a babymoon offers an opportunity to devote some special days of undivided love and attention to one another, before becoming a trio.

We told the hotel staff it was our babymoon and they threw in some extra romantic treats during our stay

Makes a change from the daily routine

I don't know about you, but my daily routine since getting pregnant has been rather restricted and repetitive...  In fact, I behave somewhat like a newborn: eat, sleep, bath, repeat! Not that I'm complaining - I need all the rest and chill-out days I can get - but to have a change of scene for a little while was definitely uplifting for both my husband and me, and the excitement of travelling boosted my energy levels.

Candlelit dinner by the beach and breakfast at our beach pool villa definitely made a change to the normal routine

Spontaneous getaways won't be so easy to come by in future

Although in our case we are lucky that we will always have family on hand to take care of our little one if we ever wanted a few days away by ourselves after he arrives, it still won't be the same as just being able to pack our bags and jump on a plane to anywhere in the world. Logistically, there will be more to think about after becoming responsible parents, and I'm sure I would also suffer from separation anxiety and probably wouldn't want to be away from my baby anyway! For many people, I know childcare will be a major issue in the future planning of any mum-and-dad-only trips, so the babymoon represents the last chance to travel with no strings attached.

Great opportunity for making (and documenting) 'bump' memories

The obligatory babymoon bump pictures just HAVE to be taken! The first pregnancy will be such a special phase in life to look back on, and having beautiful photos of you and your bump glowing on holiday will be treasured mementos to keep forever, and to show to the little one when they're not so little... Imagine telling your child "You went to the Maldives when you were in my tummy!" - that's a nice 'first travel experience' to share with them in future.

We thoroughly enjoyed our babymoon and definitely made the most of it - beaching, snorkelling, lounging by the pool, going out for fishing trips and yacht cruises, spa treatments, eating yummy food - but even if you can't manage a trip to somewhere tropical, even a local getaway for a couple of nights to a spa hotel or a city you haven't visited together before would be well worth it. Pregnancy can be physically and mentally draining, not only for us ladies but also for our partners too, and a little change of scene can provide a welcome break for both amidst all the exciting (but often exhausting) baby preparations. 

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