Thursday, 23 February 2017

Why I'm starting Butterfly Free

I am an avid Googler. I think I get it from my mother, who instilled a sense of curiosity in me from a young age, with her relentless passion for researching things and looking everything up in her multitude of reference books. Well, that was in the early 90s, and nowadays we don't need a library at home to have access to such a vast array of information.

Googling has helped me through two of the biggest physical challenges I have faced in my life: firstly, thyroid cancer, which struck me in late August 2015, and now - a year and a half later - pregnancy! I instantly google every little thing, every symptom, every random query that may pop into my mind in the middle of the night, both to reassure myself and to ensure I remain fully informed.

Whilst the official, technical, medical, scientific websites found when googling are extremely helpful and important for building a decent knowledge base, it is through the personal experiences shared by others online that I have found the most comfort. The power of being able to connect with and relate to others all over the world and knowing that you aren't the only one going through a particular circumstance is really quite marvellous.

And so, that is why I have decided to take to my keyboard and begin sharing my experiences through Butterfly Free; that of being a thyroid cancer survivor, born and raised in the UK and now living in Dubai for the past five years, married to an Emirati since last year and now into my second trimester of my first pregnancy.

Overcoming my thyroid scare was a great achievement, and I intend to share with you how I got through it, how I am still coping with it, how it is now impacting my pregnancy, and how it will affect me in motherhood too. I will also share inspirational stories of other thyca survivors whom I look up to, as well as other mothers and mothers-to-be.

I hope you will enjoy joining me on my journey, and if my writing of my experiences benefits just one person in the way I have benefitted from reading others, I will consider this a success. 

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